Saturday, February 19, 2011


Nigeria President is the most powerful president in the world. He is next to God and is willing to even take over the role of God.

Nigeria President is capable of turning white into Black vise visa. Nigeria President is more powerful than all the institution in the land put together. Be it Judiciary, Legislature e.t.c. it can institute injustice at will, moral conducts are not issue before him.

Nigeria president is the leader of the most popular Black party on earth that is riddled with injustice in the affairs of the party.

The party in Government led by the President refuses petition corresponded from her party members that seeks justice.

Mr. President Culture injustice in the country even at home. Mr. President is too emotional imbalance and selective in is doings. Mr. President actions are coloured but he speaks from both sides of his mouth.

(eg)  I am from a poor home but to day God has made me president, you can do and can be president. My situation is testimony for everybody. But he will discriminate and turn white to black. This is how he appreciate God._ _ _ Deny people their victory.

(eg)  It is one man one vote but he goes to invalidate the people mandate at will. Nigeria re already aware that Prof. Jega will be rubbished in no distance time.

(eg)  He sign self serving act of the national Assembly members. The Black door amendment of electoral Act.

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