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This Foundation kickoff the Year 2006(which happens to be her maiden year of operation) with a very huge and ambitious target that will strengthen and extend its existence by the end of its maiden operational year (2006).

In consonance with this target, the Foundation swung into action, by drawing up a budget and a calendar of activities for the year that will facilitate the Implementation of her Action Plan, in the Long run. Upon this, the following, were outlined as projects billed for execution in 2006 -
EXTERNALLY(Community Development);
·          To create a more effective Public Awareness aimed at encouraging the pursuit of an Ideal Education through out the Niger Delta (This particular project, is in affinity with the IDEAL EDUCATION CAMPAIGN PROJECT of our ACTION PLAN) Target Date; Before 1st November 2006
·          To award Academic Support Grant scholarship to brilliant and willing but indigent students of Niger Delta Origin (This particular project, is in affinity with the ACADEMIC
SUPPORT PROJECT of our ACTION PLAN) Target Date; Before 1st October 2006
INTERNALLY (Capacity Building);
·          To publish the maiden edition of an annual Magazine for the Organization to be called ‘NDAF News Letter’ by December 2006. (This, is intended to have a fact and figure data base of the Organization’s Action Plan Implementation and Special Moments)

·          To expand the Organization’s communication Network, before June 30th 2006.
(This is intended to create a vast   relationship with similar, Bigger  Organizations and Coalitions,       coordinating efforts of NGO’s and Civil Societies such as ours in the area of resource mobilization and programme implementation). 

The Foundation outlined several laid-down procedures to enable it meet the target date for the execution of the aforementioned projects. As a result, all hands were on deck to ensure this.

Based on the aforementioned Target dates, there has been a lot of progress in the area of implementation and execution of projects, although, not without challenges.


Chronologically, in the area of expanding the Foundation’s communication network, NDAF Directorate, made a lot of contacts indicating the Foundationss interest to join Bigger Associations, Networks and Coalitions that shares similar    interest with the NDAF.
Today, as a result of the various contacts made hitherto,      The Niger Delta Academic Foundation, is a proud Member          Organization of the Following;
                                 and now
Being members of the aforementioned has helped the NDAF as anticipated, especially in the area of exchange of ideas and information in affinity with the NDAF’s area of interest.
Hence the target set for June 30th 2006, can be said to have been met. Although not without obstacles and difficulties. NDAF Directorate hopes to contact more Coalitions, as time goes on.
In order to meet up with current trend and to cushion the cost effect on the Foundation’s secretarial duties, the Organization, has been provided with a Pentium 3 computer set.

Presently, the Foundation is working on its October 1st 2006 target. In the light of this, about 100 brilliant and willing but indigent Niger Delta students in tertiary institutions, have applied to us, seeking to be beneficiaries of the proposed Academic Support Grant for such students. The Pre-Scholarship Test for qualified Students who applied shall be held on Saturday 29th July 2006. We hope to help students who shall come out excellent in the Pre-Scholarship test on Use Of English, Mathematics, and Current Affairs. Following this, the NDAF Directorate, has sent and is still sending appeals and requests to Multi-National Organizations to come to the aid of the NDAF, in order to Award the Academic Support Grant.
Due to what is obtainable and the cost effect for training a student in Tertiary Institution, we have proposed an Academic Support Grant of Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars $350USD for each indigent student
(an equivalent of Fifty Thousand Naira N50, 000). Meeting this target shall bring about an encouragement, for every Niger Deltan to go to school and be educated up to the level of having a tertiary education.
We have also initiated other scholarship proposals such as the Rural Academic Support Project for rural and slump dwellers and the Street to School Scholarship Project for street/displaced children and youths to be enrolled back in school.The Foundation needs adequate funding to effectively execute the 1st Phases of these Proposals. Most of these projects are only awaiting funding, in order for the Foundation to effectively implement it and beat the Target Date.
To know how best to go about the Academic Support Project, the Foundation recently carried out a survey on the Problems of Niger Delta and its Possible solution. The survey was carried out on Niger Delta Youths and students alike in tertiary institutions across the Region.



In affinity with the IDEAL EDUCATION CAMPAIGN, the Foundation has been able to visit two local radio stations (Rhythm 93.7fm and Radio Rivers2 99.128fm) appealing for support in the fight against illiteracy and the re-orientation on the need for Ideal Education in the Niger Delta, encouraging such stations to broadcast   jingles and slogans that will enable society see Literacy as the order of the Day in the Region  (Niger Delta). In fact, the NDAF has been able to propose and forward a list of educational slogans to be used during news bulletins on radio, to one of the radio stations.
Recently, The Foundation was live on Radio   Rivers2 99.128fm as a guest in a programme “Tuesday Morning Live”(a talk show/interview)presented by a renowned Broadcaster and        Presenter in the Niger Delta; Florence Ekiye.   During the Programme, the NDAF Director/CEO said, “that in the region, every other sector except the political sector is dormant as a result of the level of Illiteracy and disregard for Ideal Education and this, is one of the major cause of Abject      Poverty in the Region, Hence the NDAF was        initiated to Fight against Illiteracy, so as to conquer poverty through the implementation of an Action Plan”. In that programme, there was a call on all to enjoin the NDAF in its cause. The Foundation is currently working out modalities in order to meet up the Target Date for the Ideal Education
Campaign, although most modalities will need
adequate funding for such modalities to be
implemented. However, the organization is on course with the Ideal Education Campaign


Since its inception in October 2005 till date, it has not been very easy for the Foundation to keep the flag flying; hence it has been faced with a lot of Challenges. Over the period of its existence, the major challenges have been in the area of Funding, Mobility and Office Space/Accommodation.

With regard to funding, the organization has since its founding, relied on Self Supporting. Although it has applied and registered for various funding schemes which are yet to yield the anticipated results, it has also sent proposals to multi-national aid organizations
seeking for funding, also awaiting anticipated
response. Above all, the Foundation believes that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, hence while it keeps the NDAF flag flying it anticipates funding and invites you to bee a part of it.
Mobility has been one major set back for the Foundation, as the inability of the Foundation to move freely and effectively from one place to another has
inhibited operations of programmes and projects in the Region. It costs the Foundation, a lot of expenses to move across the region in order to carry out its operations.
Presently, the Foundation’s Secretariat is at #12 Oju Daniel Kalio Avenue, (New Road) Borikiri, Port Harcourt. The location of the Foundation’s Secretariat presently, is as a result of the inability to
acquire a more suitable Office space that will accommodate the entire Foundation. This particular shortfall is as a result of Inadequate Funding

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