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It is still a surprise to the unsuspecting Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) delegates in the Sagbama/Ekeremor Federal Constituency, of Bayelsa State, that there was a purported re-run primary election in the federal constituency on January 28, 2011, long after the party primaries was conducted and result submitted to the National headquarters of the party in Abuja by the party election panel that conducted the January 6th and 7th, National Assemblies party primaries in the state.

Oh! Nigerians when will the satanic activities and desperate ambitions of our politicians come to an end.

These are question staring us in the face as the nation and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)) is attempting to get things right, in the present democratic dispensation.

The administration of President Yar’Adua/Goodluck Jonathan started on a good note. It is generally believed that the continuation of the administration personified in President Jonathan, respects and still maintains the rule of law as an enviable policy in the running of the affairs of the nation.

President Goodluck Jonathan has consistently insisted at many for not to interfere in the outcome of elections be it at party levels or at the general elections.

The President in far away Turkey, had reiterated his avowed commitment to the conduct of free and fair elections, he ha said that he will bow out gallantly if he loses at the April presidential general election. As an exemplary leader he submitted himself to the rigours of the party presidential primaries. Why then would some of our Federal lawmakers se themselves as being above the law and would not submit themselves to the scrutiny of party primaries.

The latest happenings and in particular the purported directives for an alleged re-run election of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the Sagbama/Ekeremor Federal Constituency as claimed by Honourable Seriaki Dickson, has continue to bother the minds of thousands of admires of the present administration strict adherence to the rule of law.

To our thinking the attempt by Honourable Seriaki Dickson, to parade himself as the president’s anointed candidate in the Sagbama/Ekeremor Constituency long after the party primaries was conducted and returns made to the national headquarters of the party, is a calculated attempt to blackmail the President of the Federal Republic and lower his estimation in the minds of the millions of Nigerian who admires his virtue as a straight forward man.

The Acting National Chairman of the Party and other members of the National Working Committed are all highly respectable men and woman with very enviable integrity.

It is absurd for an individual or group of persons to rubbish their hard earned reputations by name dropping. Their integrity is at stake, they should be conscious of the wind of change in the party and the recharged political environment in the country.

The question still remains, was there any re-run party primaries in the Sagbama/Ekeremor federal constituency, even when the January 6th, party primaries was adjudged to be free and fair with Honourable Ofoni Williams being return by the party election panel as the clear winner of the generally accepted party primaries as was widely reported in almost all the national dallies in the country the next day.

The Independent Electoral Commission, the institution responsible for overseeing the conduct of elections in the country, had repeatedly informed all the political parties that any party primaries conducted beyond January 15th, 2011 remains null and void. Whence then did the purported re-run party primaries solely conducted by Honourable Seriaki Dickson, a serving member of the Federal House of Representative on January 28, 29011 without the supervision of any constituted authority became valid.

We begin to wonder how in the face of the glaring validity of the Ofoni Williams victory at the January 6th party primaries, the national headquarters of the party would allegedly handover the return certificate to Honourable Dickson who single handedly conducted a re-run primary for himself without the participation of INECS, the state party executive and the delegates from the Sagbama/Ekeremor Federal constituency. We still asked to know who authorized such illegality.

We are still shocked by the fact that PDP the biggest party in the sub-Saharan Africa will allow this kind of lawlessness perpetrated by an individual whose ambition seems to override the interest of the majority of the party delegates of the Federal Constituency who came out in their numbers to exercise their civil obligations at the January 6th party primary that duly elected Hnourable Ofoni Williams as the party’s candidate for the Sagbam/Ekeremor Federal Constituency for the April general election.

The implication of this act and the ploy to forced the choice of honourable Seriake Dickson on the teeming party delegates participated in the January 6th, Primaries will certainly present President Goodluck Jonathan and the party in bad light since Honourable Dickson is parading the goodwill of Mr. President as the strength of the acceptance of his candidature by the national leadership of the party even when the lost at the party primaries.

Is it that all that had been said by the president concerning Professor Atahiru Jega conduct of a credible election be taken for granted.

If the observed anomaly is being allowed, the strong institutions which the president is attempting to build would have been reduced to nothing and the credibility of INEC’ as represented by Professor Atahiru Jega would have collapse.

It is on this note that we will want to plead with the leadership of the ruling party to check the excesses of members of the party who tends to present the party as lawless.

It is lamentable that most of the persons in the party responsible for the wide spread reports of upturns of party primaries are either serving members of the National Assembly, state legislators, governorship aspirants and other aspirants who lost our in the party primaries.

It should be noted here that their defeat in the primaries are clear statements made by their constituencies back home. The mandate of the electorate cannot be wished away by the egoism, avarice and frivolous claims by these desperate politicians. The leadership of the party cannot justify the rationale behind the re-run primaries with particular reference to the Sagbama/Ekeremor federal Constituency.

It is high time we nurture strong institutions rather than powerful individuals as well as eliminate undemocratic behaviours in our polity and governance.

We shame this force of lawlessness and the act of unauthorized re-run primaries shrewd in secrecy in the Sagbama/Ekeremor federal Constituency. These activities stands condemned, it is a disrespect to the guiding principles of the PDP.

INEC should not be misled by undemocratic elements in our political parties, it is only a credible INEC that command the respect of parties that will deliver the goods in the general elections.

A single person or a few individual cannotarm-twist the electoral body to do it biddings by dropping the Presidents name as the strength of his desired disposition.

We are appealing to INEC to note here that ever since the news of the purported primaries surfaced in the Sagbama/Ekeremor Federal Constituency, hundreds of the actual delegates who participated in the January 6th, party primaries in Bayelsa West, had persistently filed protest to the Acting National Chairman of the party, but in deviance and surprisingly too some elements at the party headquarters have refused to acknowledged any such protest letter in an attempt to cover up the unjustifiable upturn of actual winners of the primary having illegally substituted impostors as party flag bearers.

President Goodluck Jonathan and INEC have set out and committed to do the right things, but some desperate party members still believe in “Carry go”. That era is gone and should e put behind us. INEC should only recognized result of party primaries conducted before January 15, as it has stated. It is high time our politicians accept defeat in good fate, we should learn not to be bad losers. Other smaller African countries cannot be touch bearers for us in election matters, we should be the leading examples.

Mr. Ebiowei Amaitari
For Concern Democrats
Bayelsa State

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